Friday, December 5, 2008

Surprise Symphony Date Night

I am squealing like a little girl!!! My husband has surprised me with tickets to the Jackson Symphony's annual Christmas Pops concert tomorrow night. I'm so excited I can hardly stand myself. This year's guest performers are the Annie Moses Band. What an incredibly gifted family they are. Their new Christmas cd is out also and I have's wonderful. I've included links to their website and promotional video below in case you haven't heard them.
Click HERE to go to the Annie Moses Band website.

A real date night....I'm SO excited!! You have to understand, we almost never make plans. We are fly by the seat of your pants kind of people so this is huge...haha.

Whatever you do this weekend just remember to be happy and enjoy the season...don't stress, it will all be ok. God is in control :-) I'm off to wrap Christmas blessed.

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