Monday, December 29, 2008

Funky Chandelier Painting for Avery

My niece Avery who just turned 11(she is exactly 11 days older than my son) is re-doing her room with a more "grown up" theme so I thought she needed some new art. The chandelier painting is part of her Christmas and she absolutely loved it. She is so much like her Aunt Sherri.....bless her heart :-) I hope you enjoy your new painting chickie doodle. Love ya bunches!!
I plan to have some similar paintings in my etsy shop after the first of 2009 along with a few other new designs I have planned. So stay tuned...hehe.

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Anonymous said...

Very impressed by your work, your love for God and willingness to share the gifts he has given you!! Very impressed!! Someday when I have time, I would like to pick your brain as to how you set all of your web stuff up (etsy, flicker,etc). I love painting also, but my brain is fried with two young boys--so there is no creativity left for advertising! Anyway--TMI--sorry! It is so great to see other people expressing their love for God so freely! Very impressed--you go girl!!
Angie Paisley
BowlingGreen KY