Saturday, November 29, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving and Christmas is in the Air at Charlene's in Halls, TN

I hope that you all had a happy and blessed Thanksgiving with your family and friends. We had a great time with the James gang in Lexington on Thursday. We have Thanksgiving with my side of the family tomorrow so we aren't done with turkey just yet. It's always great to spend time with your family and recall holiday memories from the past and make new ones as well.

My parents, Reed and I being the adventurous souls that we are, headed out early Friday morning for the earlybird Black Friday sales. We managed to avoid the crazy opening crowds by waiting until 7:30 to hit the stores. It's just too crazy for us at 4 or 5 am. It actually wasn't too bad. We left with what we came for and finished up our shopping lists...woohoo! The game plan now is to simply enjoy the season without all of the stress and rush. I can't wait to get my niece and nephew together with Reed to bake Christmas cookies, attend the Masquerade Theatre production of It's a Wonderful Life, attend local parades, be a part of the Christmas pageant at church, hopefully see the Rockettes Christmas in Nashville, attend Christmas parties, spend time with family and friends and last but certainly not least, reflect on the real reason for Christmas.........Jesus. We are so blessed, so blessed...thank you Lord Jesus.

On Wednesday, we took Reed to Memphis for his bi-annual checkup with his neurologist. We stopped at Charlene's Colony of Shops in Halls, TN on the way. In typical Charlene's style, it was nothing short of fabulous decked out in their Christmas best.

Christmas shoppers in Charlene's.
Charlene's is decked out in Christmas from floor to ceiling!

I loved this blue and brown themed room! I think I could have stayed here all day.

Yummy blue and the vintage feel while showcasing a trendy color combination.

Stunning Christmas viginettes awaited around every a Christmas fantasy land.
Christmas goodies tucked away in every corner, nook and cranny. I could have spent hours here and still not seen everything.

My son Reed and my Mom checking out the ornaments at Charlene's.

I loved this mantel display. Now, I'm just wishing I had the the pieces to recreate the look on my own mantel...hehe.

We are so silly...I took this picture of the 3 of us as a reflection in a beautifully bedecked mirror.

I loved the feel of this room as well. Every room featured a unique theme in it's decor.
Enjoy the rest of your Thanksgiving weekend!!! Blessings to you and yours.

Monday, November 24, 2008

Christmas gifts, new designs and Art for ME!

Happy Monday!! Can you believe it's Thanksgiving week?!

Since getting caught up on custom paintings, I've been working on gifts and even some long planned art for myself which I almost never get around to doing.
I love this design. Christmas is really about our Saviour who came and gave us the ultimate gift of himself. This is a custom for a sweet D'burg customer. I also do different background colors in this one.
I love the blue and brown snowman theme. I did these for each of Reed's school teacher gifts along with a personalized ornament. This is a reasonably priced gift at 15.95.
GO VOLS! UT snowman canvas for my brother-in-law and sister-in-law for Christmas. They love Vols football. I hope they aren't reading my blog...ha. These are also available for 15.95.
Girlie girl snow jeans with lots of glitter! Love these for a sweet girl!! I used girlie colors so these can be worn all the way through February. Custom painted for 45.00.
I have been wanting to paint these coordinating chandelier paintings forever!! They match my palm green, black and white dining room.
Want one for yourself?? They are 16x20 and sell for 40.00. I can also paint them in any colors.
I know the lamp doesn't match...I have my eye on a funky black and white polka dotted lamp at Decor Direct. THE best store ever!! If you haven't been to Decor Direct in Union City it is worth checking it out. Anything and everything you would ever need to decorate your home, office, studio at deeply discounted prices. It's the outlet store for the Kirkland's chain of home stores. Love it!! My favorite lamp in my living room was literally on closeout for $4.25.

I'm off to watch our new favorite tv show..Little People Big World. We love the Rolloffs! They are so cool. Enjoy the rest of your Monday!!! Blessings :-)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Oh how HE loves Us!

Oh how HE loves us! It's hard for us as mere humans to completely grasp just how much God loves us. The Bible says in 1st Corinthians 13:12 "For now we see through a glass, darkly; but then face to face: now I know in part; but then shall I know even as also I am known." I think at times we capture glimpses of His depth of pure LOVE for us but when we see Him face to face someday we shall truly know. This video is of a song that we do in the worship band my husband and I are musicians in at The Gathering Place. Take a minute to listen to the words of this powerful song "How He Loves." My favorite line in the whole song is "I don't have time to maintain these regrets when I think of how He loves me." I lose it every time I hear it. God loves me in spite of my failures, in spite of my sin, in spite of my bad attitudes and even when I find it hard to love myself. Thank you Lord for your true unconditional love that you show me every single, every single second of my life.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Custom Order Update

Happy Thursday!!
I just wanted to send out a quick update to those of you who've been so patiently waiting for your custom orders. All orders to date are completed and on their way to you as of this afternoon. If you don't receive your package within the next 5 days or so please email me to let me know. Whew, I feel better now. I LOVE your custom just gets a bit hectic this time of year.
Now I'm off to the post office and then back home to make chili for our monthly Ladies Meeting/Get-together at church. It really is chili and soup weather.....I love it.

Friday, November 7, 2008

Fall Foliage in Tennessee

I know I've said it before but I'll say it again...I love Fall. Reed and I drove around our neighborhood snapping photos of the gorgeous trees. I love the rich, warm colors of the leaves as the cooler temperatures cause the leaves to turn. I've always told my art students that it's almost like God has a giant paint brush and reaches down from Heaven and paints the leaves such vibrant and beautiful colors for us to enjoy. If you've ever been one of my students, you've certainly heard me say it...haha.

A vibrant fall tree in our neighborhood. Simply gorgeous. Thank you Lord for color. Color makes me happy.

I love how the leaves form a "blanket" on the ground underneath the trees.

We live in and older neighborhood with beautiful southern homes rich with history and charm. I can't wait for the Christmas tour of homes since one of them is almost always on the tour.
This beautiful home is actually a Bed and Breakfast....I believe I read somewhere that it was an old farmhouse built around 1886.

The columns add such an elegance to this home. I can picture a group of young southern belles having afternoon tea out on the porch or front lawn. This home is just up the street from the bed and breakfast.
I captured this sunset on the way home from Union City just as I was getting back into the edge of Dyersburg. It was absolutely stunning to see in person. Once again, thank you Lord for the beauty that is all around us.
Stevie and Reed hanging out in the backyard playing horseshoes. The look on Reed's face is priceless.
I'm off to bed. We have to hit it bright and early in the morning for our bi-annual garage sale. I think we have more "Junk" this time than ever. They do say that one man's trash is another's treasure. Whatever you do, have a safe and blessed weekend!!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Get out and VOTE!

What a great day to be an American!! What a priviledge to be able to vote for the candidates of your choice and let your voice be heard. EVERY vote counts!

This video is so great...I've watched it 3 times already...ha. I snagged this from my friend Angie's blog. This is a song about voting by Ron Clark Academy kids from Atlanta, GA.

Get out today and vote for the candidate of your choice. It's our civic duty and our God given right. Let your voice be heard!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Trunk-R-Treat 2008 at The Gathering Place Church

To say we had a blast is an understatement!!! Trunk-R-Treat 2008 at TGP was great. This was our second year to host this event and we had people show up in record numbers. This year everyone chose their own trunk theme and we had everything from David and Goliath to Disney. Steve, Reed and I chose to rock it 80s style which was so much fun since it's from "our time." We got a #1 ribbon for "Best Walk Down Memory Lane." What a hoot.

The Martin's did High School Musical. Gail you look like such a teenager in this picture!!
Setting up for the event. Everyone was rushing around getting ready in anticipation of a huge crowd.

Amber and her Under the Big Top theme. She gave animal crackers as her treat. WAY COOL!

Oh my word! I was blown away by the creativity of this group. Their theme was "Charlie Brown and the Great Pumpkin" complete with Snoopy's dog house with Snoopy on top.
Kara and Sara did an awesome job on their paper mache Sally and Lucy heads. Love them!
Little Gabe was awesome as Charlie Brown. Ann is such a proud grandmother!!

Our pastors and their kiddos chose a Disney theme. We all know how they LOVE Disney World.

Zack and Josh rocked it with a Tailgate Party theme. Most of the guys hung out here and played their Madden football game all night.

Loved the Christmas theme.........Josiah was precious as a Christmas present. At one point I asked if I could take his picture and he threw his hands up in the air and said "Not right now, wait til I get my candy." Oh my word, I was practically rolling with laughter at this point. Too funny.
We did the 80s theme with Reed as Indiana Jones and Steve as a Rubicks Cube. There is also a little Indy in the background. Love that!

One of "my kiddos" who has moved from my class up to the teenage group...she is trying really hard to get out of the picture...ha.
My husband Steve's Rubicks Cube costume was a big hit. We had so much fun preparing for our theme.
Sweet little Ava as a ladybug..........she is just beautiful!!

The guys hanging out at the "Tailgate Party."

Eli and Greg as David and Goliath. Their "trunk" was awesome!!

My son Reed as Indiana Jones complete with his Dad's vintage leather "bomber jacket."

This little guy attends our church and when I asked him who he was dressed as he relplied "My Poppaw." He was so cute!!!

Loved Beaux's FrankenBaby adorable!!
Brooklyn and Leslie are simply beautiful as princesses from India. They were wearing real Sari's from India.
My friend Rita and I going back in time in our 80s gear.
Stevie and I 80s style...haha.

It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown!
If you ever have the chance to host or attend one of these events, you won't be disappointed. They are a blast!!!