Friday, December 19, 2008

Painted Ornaments, Spelling Bee and Christmas Dinner at Lupo's

The past two days have basically been a whirlwind of activities for our household. I've had to really pray to stay sane and have kept my notebook and lists handy. It's pure satisfaction to mark things off my to do list...haha. We've had snow days, tons of orders to ship and deliver, gallery orders to personalize, a spelling bee, Christmas leadership dinner, laundry, a school party to attend, Christmas pageant set to build, etc., etc. Whew, just typing that makes me tired. It's so easy to get off track and away from the Lord during the hustle and bustle of the season that's ultimately supposed to be ALL about him. I just pray that this Christmas season I can honor the Lord with my time and my heart. I pray that you can do the same. Finding that quiet time with HIM is crucial to my well being. He is my rock, my stronghold. Without him I am nothing. He gives me peace and a calm spirit in the midst of stress and storms. He is my joy. Thank you Lord for your joy!!! May he be your peace and joy this Christmas.

Wedding ornament hand painted for a client's first Christmas together.

Tree ornaments personalized on the back in gold. These are beautiful in person.

I painted this tray for my best friend Rita. She is snowman crazy and has been threatened not to bring anymore snowmen into her home. So, I had to help a sista' out...haha. I personalized the tray with her name and the names of her 3 wonderful boys.
Personalized snowflake ornament painted for a precious repeat client. She and her Mom are just a joy to work with.

Hand painted Relay for Life ornament for RLF director in a neighboring county.

Personalized frosted ornament.

The mound of orders ready and waiting to be delivered and hauled to the post office. I can happily say that they are all either on their way or in the hands of the recipients...woohoo!

This was one of my favorite orders to paint this week. I painted this for the niece of an old high school friend. The canvas was painted to match a pillow sham. I love how it turned happy and bright.

This canvas is for the sister of the Chloe painting above and was also painted to match her pillow sham. I love the funky and modern design and the pink and brown. Thanks Rhonda for your order!!

This hand painted plate was a special request from a client who wants her children to know the "real" meaning of Christmas while celebrating the tradition of Santa Claus.

The Happy Holidays ornaments were painted for a sweet long time customer who works at the University of Memphis. She had these done for her dear friends and co-workers. Thanks Brittney!!

Baby's First Christmas ornament hand painted and personalized with name and year.

Snowgirl ornament painted for my niece Avery who just turned 11.

Avery's painted penguin ornament for her birthday.

Oh my goodness.....this was the yummiest Chicken Parmesan I've ever put in my mouth. It was amazing. We had our annual church leaders Christmas dinner at Lupo's Italian Restaurante in Dyersburg last night. I think I could devour this dish on a daily basis...ha. If you are in Dyersburg or passing through, Lupo's is worth your time to check it out. We had a great time.

Dessert was equally as yummy....although I did have my heart set on the cheesecake which they had run out of at the time. They did have several large parties simultaneously so it's understandable.

My son Reed stepping up to spell his words. He did so awesome. He missed going to county by 3 people. He was a little disappointed but we are SO very proud of him for making it as far as he did. WAY TO GO REED! YOU ARE AWESOME!

Reed waiting his turn along with the other finalists.

The finalists had dwindled down and his last word was absurd which he spelled obsurd. He was more upset that he actually knew the word. We'll just try again in 6th grade. Good job,Reed!
I think that's all I have for now. Time to haul myself to bed to rest up for tomorrow's dress rehearsal and last minute errands.
Have a blessed and stressFREE weekend!

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philben5 said...

Praise the Lord for His joy He brings in the midst of chaos! Your art has so much life in it.