Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Happy Birthday to Me!

Happy Birthday to Me!Happy Birthday to Me! Today I'm celebrating my 39th birthday yet at times I still feel like a kid..ha. I'm so happy to be alive and to have made it to another birthday. I'm thankful for God's mercy and grace that have led me this far and I know that it will lead me still. I woke up this morning with his praise on my lips as I know that without HIM I wouldn't be here today. I am so blessed!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Just listed on Ebay!

Happy Friday!! I just posted several new listings on Ebay....check them out if you get a chance. Thanks so much for all of your support!! Many blessings :-)
Hand painted wedding plate featuring the names of the bride & groom and their wedding date.

This painting has been a really popular design and can be painted in colors to match your decor.

I just love these monogrammed tiles! I hand paint them in the colors of your choice and personalize them with your initials, family name or favorite scripture or quote.

Hand Painted Christmas Holly Plate Personalized with your family name, favorite scripture or quote. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=320289973255

Thursday, August 21, 2008

New Ebay Listing

I just listed this abstract on ebay. I can also create this design in colors to coordinate with your decor. If you have any questions, email me at mustloveart@gmail.com .

Click on the picture above to be taken to the auction listing on Ebay. Thanks so much for taking a peek at my artwork!

Blessings, Sherri

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Abstract Art Wednesday

I love creating these new abstract art paintings ! I just lost myself in the paint as I listened to my favorite Klaus worship cd and before I knew it I didn't have a care in the world. Creating is essential to my well being. There is healing for the soul in doing what you love and what you feel you were created to do. Thank you Lord for the unique gifts and talents that you give each of us!

Red & Black Floral Abstract painting on a Large gallery canvas...these are available in custom colors and sizes to coordinate with your decor and design needs.

I love the contrast of the red and black. This was a custom design for a client who wanted a classy abstract design for her red dining room. This will really "pop" against her red walls.

Custom abstract designs will be available in my ebay store soon but if you need your art sooner just send me an email and we will discuss details.

Until next time, have a blessed Wednesday!!

Monday, August 18, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

What a whirlwind weekend we had! I felt like we were living on fast forward all weekend. We had Encounter Service, Sunday service, a baby shower, worship team practice and a trip to the Farmer's Market thrown into the mix. It was a crazy busy weekend but a great one.

God's presence was so strong in our services and I feel him at work in such a mighty way in our lives. There is such an excitement in pursuing the Lord and an anticipation of great things to come. I'm really bad about trying to "figure" things out on my own but I'm trying hard to just wait on the Lord and see what HE has in store.
The Davisons packaging peas for a customer at the Farmer's Market.

I love the colors of the all of the fruits and vegetables displayed by the farmers and vendors.

This was the sweetest couple...his smile is contagious! I bought tomatoes from them...which by the way are delicious. I've been enjoying my favorite tomato and mayonaise sandwiches. YUM! I arrived at the farmer's market very early Saturday morning in anticipation of being there early enough to buy fresh blackberries but once again there were none to be found. I've been told they sell out fast and it must be true as I've never been able to find any no matter how early I get there.

If you haven't been to the Dyersburg Farmer's Market go check it out next Saturday on Clark Street on the river front under the green pavillion. Support local farmers!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

New Mixed Media Collage Painting

This sweet little painting was inspired by a precious new Mom at church last week. She walked into service with braided pigtails carrying her 6 week old baby boy Gabe. It was the sweetest sight and I just had to smile. Kara is such a great new Mommy. Her baby shower is this weekend and I can't decide whether to give her this or do a painting to match her nursery fabric...hmm what to do???
This will probably end up on ebay as a custom listing or you can email me if you would like to place a custom order...... sherjames87@hotmail.com.

My Dining Room Makeover on a Budget

I've wanted to do a room in this color combo for quite some time and finally did it! I painted my dining room table and chairs and vintage desk in gloss black. The mirror, cabinet and large wall frame are all thrift store finds that I've transformed with paint. The curtains I made myself with $2/yard fabric from clearance at Wal-mart. The dishes are from Target and the wall color is Palm Grove from Walmart. I would love your ideas for what to place in the large wall frame!! I posted my pictures on Rate My Space earlier today and the response has been amazing. If you've never been to RMS before you have to check it out. It is a mecca of inspiration! Here is the link....http://ratemyspace.hgtv.com/snc/Main.aspx?&pguid=6db6be3f-1720-4ba3-a081-999042c09b6bMy Mom picked up this set of dishes for me from Target. I love them! I love anything in a damask style print.
This corner of the dining room houses Reed's computer area. I can keep an eye on him here and help him with his homework. It's much better than him being stuck in his bedroom. The mirror is another thrift store find that I paid $2 for and painted it black and added the white polka dots for a whimsical touch.

This cabinet is also a thrift store find that I already had and my Mom came up with the idea of painting the shelves black for contrast and to tie in the black on that side of the room. Of course, its a work in progress and I'm constantly changing things around so it could possibly look different tomorrow. I've also redone my living room and will post those pictures soon. My biggest challenge is yet to come...my 10 year old son's room. He is at that stage where he is out of the "kiddie" style but not quite grown enough for more teenager-y styles. He wants a video game theme so we will see how it goes and what I can dream up.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Work in Progress

I am in the process of creating and stocking my brand new Cafepress store and also restocking my Etsy and Ebay stores. Please hang in there with me as I work on these changes over the next week or so. I have several new designs that will hit the shelves soon! Stay tuned for a sneak peek :-)

Friday, August 1, 2008

First Day of 5th Grade

Well, I made it through the first day of school. I did cry but that was to be expected. Reed had a wonderful first day of 5th grade at his new school. He even ran into two of his classmates from the private school who have also transferred over this year. He was pretty excited about seeing them. Here are a few photos I snapped of him this morning. Looking way too grown up!
So handsome in Aeropostale gear...which is his favorite store. This is typical Reed. He is the happiest child and is always laughing and smiling.

Now I'm off to enjoy some serious chill time with the family. Have a blessed weekend!