Monday, August 18, 2008

Whirlwind Weekend

What a whirlwind weekend we had! I felt like we were living on fast forward all weekend. We had Encounter Service, Sunday service, a baby shower, worship team practice and a trip to the Farmer's Market thrown into the mix. It was a crazy busy weekend but a great one.

God's presence was so strong in our services and I feel him at work in such a mighty way in our lives. There is such an excitement in pursuing the Lord and an anticipation of great things to come. I'm really bad about trying to "figure" things out on my own but I'm trying hard to just wait on the Lord and see what HE has in store.
The Davisons packaging peas for a customer at the Farmer's Market.

I love the colors of the all of the fruits and vegetables displayed by the farmers and vendors.

This was the sweetest couple...his smile is contagious! I bought tomatoes from them...which by the way are delicious. I've been enjoying my favorite tomato and mayonaise sandwiches. YUM! I arrived at the farmer's market very early Saturday morning in anticipation of being there early enough to buy fresh blackberries but once again there were none to be found. I've been told they sell out fast and it must be true as I've never been able to find any no matter how early I get there.

If you haven't been to the Dyersburg Farmer's Market go check it out next Saturday on Clark Street on the river front under the green pavillion. Support local farmers!!

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Bebop said...

Hi! Just moved to Dyersburg!
Where and when is the farmer's market?
I want to become vendor there (I homegrow different mints, veggies and herbs, and I craft too!) if you wanna see my stuff!