Sunday, January 11, 2009

Super Fast Weekend

Ok, so our Titans didn't win against the Ravens...there's always next year! They still had a great season this year.
We've had a great weekend but one that FLEW by...don't they always? We pulled out our new Totally 80s Trivial Pursuit, watched some football...ok, LOTS of football, shot some photos, had my hair done by the fabulous Michael O., drove around for an hour on Saturday trying to purchase ONE single postage stamp in this town and had an awesome service at church this morning. Let me just say that being "of the 80s" Stevie and I thought we would be aces at 80s Trivial Pursuit. Those are some tough questions! We can't wait to break this out at our next TGP game night at the end of the month. We have a competitive bunch and it's always a blast!
I love those vintage game pieces featuring a Trapper Keeper, Tender Heart Care Bear, computer and cd. Yes, I did have a Trapper Keeper...ha.

Oh, and back on the subject of the postage stamp......Have you guys ever seen a post office without a stamp machine? For some reason ours no longer has one so we proceeded to drive all over town in search for one tiny little stamp. No one that we found had one either so....if you are from the Dyersburg area and know where there is a postage stamp machine then by all means please comment and let me know. Or maybe I should just plan ahead and buy stamps before the weekend :-)

Photo of my new hair cut and color. I used one of my cool new Adobe Photoshop actions on this pic. Those of you who know me well know that I like to mix it up. I can only handle a certain color or style for so long and then I move on to the next. Michael O. (my good friend and hair stylist) has come to expect this from me and no longer questions my crazy weird ideas...hehe. He thought I was on acid or some mind altering drug the first time he did my hair. I like to express my artistic side and often times it's through some strange hair color combination. It keeps things fun though. It's only hair and it does eventually grow out. This time I went with lots of week it could be purple...ha. I can hear my Mom now She hated the red I had last time which I loved by the way. I say BE ADVENTUREOUS! You only live once!
I hope you've all had a great weekend as well...until next time...Be Blessed! ~Sherri

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tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Oh wow! Do I love the 80's! I have to find that game!

M ^..^