Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Whew, I survived the weekend! We had a yard sale here at my house and let me tell you it was hard work. If you've ever had one you know exactly what I'm talking about. I would much rather go to garage sales than have one myself. We sold a lot of the things that were cluttering up our house and garage. I'm in this mode of feeling I need to simplify and declutter my life and my surroundings. In spite of all of the bruises and sore muscles and lack of sleep we had a great time meeting and talking with so many different "yardsailors."

If you haven't yet seen the new Iron Man movie that hit theaters on Friday you have to see it!! We were given the priviledge of capturing the sneak preview on Thursday night before it was officially released. Oh my word it was the best movie I've seen in a really long time. This movie has something for everyone. My husband and 10 year old son loved it as did I. Robert Downey Jr. was awesome as Tony Stark and equally as entertaining was Gwyneth Paltrow as Pepper Potts.

Lastly, I have several new paintings completed and if you live here locally you can find a display of my paintings at Penelope's art gallery in Union City. If you haven't been to Penelope's you are missing out. They offer a whimsical collection of art of all genres from the West Tennessee area. You will find artists from Memphis to Jackson to Union City and all areas in between displaying paintings, pottery, framed photographs, jewelry, stained glass, wood sculptures, soaps, purses, mosaics and many others. I have photos and will post more about Penelope's along with the photos when I get them uploaded and edited, etc. I will be teaching a class there on June 5th called How do I see me? We will paint self portraits on canvas. There will be two seperate classes for ages 3-6 and 7-up. I will have more posted about the classes as well. I hope to have some new ebay listings before weeks end and will keep you updated on that as well. I have a lot of new designs and ideas spilling out of my sketchbook and am excited about putting them on canvas. Until next time.....

Many blessings!! Sherri

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