Monday, May 19, 2008

When field trips go bad!

I will warn you now that this is going to be a long one! I suppose a good title for this could be "when field trips go bad." What started out as a fun Friday field trip to the Memphis Zoo with my son's class ended up with complete humiliation and a trip to the ER. We were having a blast..we had been to cat country, the China exhibit to see the Pandas and the Northwest Passage to see the seals and polar bears..which by the way is one of the coolest exhibits there.

While exiting the Northwest Passage area, we shifted to the left to let one of the staff carts go by and as we did my foot slipped off of tall asphalt and turned underneath me in a direction it isn't supposed to turn. I felt and heard it"snap" and down I went. Needless to say, I knew I had really done something serious and that fact was only confirmed when I couldn't get back up. Zoo staff rushed over and called for help as my sweet son prayed for Mommy's ankle. I was rather humbled, humiliated, embarrassed, etc. as all I could do was lay there as zillions of people walked by and stared as I grimaced in pain. A couple of good Samaritans stopped to help and they loaded me in a special zoo truck. Thankfully, my parents had followed the bus in their car so they helped me out of the truck and into the car and off we sped to the E.R.

We ended up at Methodist North and ironically my nurse was the mother of two of my art students my first year teaching at CCA. She was so good to Reed who refused to leave my side and she let him go back with me. Tori, you're the Best!! I had tons of xrays done and it didn't appear that anything was broken but I tore the ligaments on the outside of my ankle. I have to stay off of my feet which is driving me nuts.

It's definitely a trip for the scrapbooks! We are scheduled to leave for vacation this weekend....which we've had planned for months. I've had a couple of offers from my uncles to push me around my hometown in a hot pink wheelbarrow...haha. Walking with crutches has proven not to be as easy as it looks. I keep telling myself that "This too shall pass."

The Meercats were so cute! We wanted to take one home.

Reed and I posing as Momma bear and Cub.

My Mom and Dad with Reed

I love this picture of Reed.

The Polar bears swimming...this was a really cool exhibit.

Me before the accident :-)

My favorite pic of the day...Reed and a seal come face to face.

At this point, I'm on the ground and Reed is sticking close. You could see the
concern on his face. Bless his heart.

My "Zoo Ride"

Zoo staff Deedee and Joyce who were so gracious to me and my family
(not pictured is Carol)

My swollen and bandaged foot and leg as I'm easing my way up my front steps.

With the exception of the accident, we really did have a great time.. I highly recommend the Memphis Zoo. It's great for kids and adults as well. The pandas and polar bears are a must see.

My sweet husband has been a real trooper in all of this. He is taking very good care of me. I'm a very independent person and this has been a humbling experience having him wait on me. Thanks Stevie for being there when I need you most!! Love you :-)

Have a happy and blessed Monday!! Sherri

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