Sunday, June 8, 2008

Survivor Sunday!

This blog post is in honor of my Mom who is a 4 year breast cancer survivor. She walked the "Walk of Hope" at the Obion County Relay for Life last night in Union City, TN. We weren't able to drive up for the event but were cheering her on just the same. We love you Mom and are so thankful you are a SURVIVOR!!

Passing out balloons to the survivors just before the Walk of Hope.
My Mom (Phyllis) holding her balloon waiting to make the lap around the track to celebrate being a survivor.
(My Mom's words taken from the email she sent)....The sad part of the walk is that there were several small children. The one with the pink cap is Audri....she is kin to my daughter in law Angie's family, she has leukemia. The other little girl I ask about her condition and she's in remission right now.
(My Mom's words).....It's always a sad yet happy time and a special time of giving thanks for still being a survivor. God is good!!!
(My Mom's words).....The elderly lady walking beside me is a 27 yr survivor, her name is Norma Williams, in her 80's and is very well known as the "Yard Sale Queen" in U.C.Releasing the balloons at the end of the walk. This is a very special time and very emotional.
(My Mom's words).....I didn't see Tim and his family until the end of the walk, I saw little Lane first, he was giving me extra big claps as I walked by, he said. That was so sweet!:-)
Yes, God is good!

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