Monday, June 23, 2008

Abstract Monday

I haven't posted in a few days so I thought I would share a couple of custom paintings I just completed for clients.
Bless this home was a special request created for a wedding gift. This was handpainted on an 8x10 canvas in browns and teal. I created a faux suede background to match the decor of the newlyweds new home. Congrats and may God bless you with a wonderful life together!

This abstract floral is hand painted in acrylics on a 20x30 canvas. This was a custom abstract for a Penelope's client to match her dining room decor. I love how this turned out. Upon the "unveiling" my husband's exact words were "That's flippin' sweet!" His reaction to my work was better than getting paid :-) Thanks honey for your support!

Floral Abstract canvas hanging over the loveseat.

Canvas in progress on the easel. As you can see I use paper plates for my them!

My big guy Reed enjoying a Caramel Cowpaccinno from Maggie Moos after his MRI in Jackson last week. I have to say PRAISE THE LORD for the good report that we received today. God is good!
and....last but not least our crazy kitty Babycat. He has had a rough week. He is an indoor cat and we never let him out but he somehow ended up with fleas. Steve had quite a time trying to give the cat a bath and keep him in the tub. It was horrible hearing the cat cry but it was for his own good. We treated him with some expensive treatment from the vet and now I'm happy to say he is "flea free."

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Shea said...

we are not
that far apart
but still I am in the
time continum wishing I had
seen Pearl Jam in Manchester and
oh, I so, esp. this summer, time of year, miss Alaska