Monday, February 9, 2009

Blog Slacker & Tennessee Ice Storm 2009

Oh me, what else can I say? I've been seriously blog slacking over the last few weeks. We've had one of those crazy months where everything that could go wrong did go wrong. A lady from our church said we should write a book about all of our mishaps...ha. It's been very trying to say the least. We've had both cars in the shop, Stevie was in a 4-car pile up on the ice covered Mississippi River bridge on the way to work, etc. It just goes on and on but....we are still smiling.

Sometimes a lot of smaller things pile up on you and can become so overwhelming. We are still blessed though. We have our health and our family. We know it could always be worse so we've just thanked God for our blessings. You just hafta' praise him in the good times AND in the bad times.
Photos I took during the ice storm of 2009. We fared much better here in Dyer County than my family and friends just north of us in Obion County and also over in Southeast Missouri and Southwestern Kentucky. My brother and his family were without power for almost 2 weeks. It literally looked like a tornado had come through in the winter. The weight of the ice broke branches and tree tops, power lines and even entire trees and thousands of power poles just snapped in half. I don't remember ever seeing anything quite like it here in Tennessee. We had an ice storm when I was a kid but NOTHING at all like this. Our kids missed so much school here they are talking about taking away part of their spring break. Keeping our fingers crossed that they don't lose their break!
I loved the contrast of the pop of red against the ice. I nearly froze but it was worth it to capture these shots.

This photo was taken last weekend....what an amazing contrast from the ice and snow the week before. It was 72 here yesterday and is supposed to be the same today. Tomorrow they are calling for severe storms and a change of tornados...UGH! The weather here is crazy!
Have a happy and blessed Monday!

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Todd Camplin said...

My parents had to flee Kentucky for Tennessee and stay in a hotel for a week. Nice art blog by the way.