Sunday, January 13, 2008

On the Mend...

I had really hoped to get this blog off to a better start but I'm on the mend from a fun-filled weekend. A weekend of suffering from a stomach virus.......YUCK! It's not the weekend I'd hoped for and my husband agreed and told me as much. My son on the other hand got lost in his world of Mario, Sponge Bob and Captain Underpants.

On the bright side, my dear husband purchased for me the newest edition of Somerset Life and suprised me with it. I've flipped through the inspiration filled pages between episodes of fever and a few other symptoms I don't care to mention. This publication is a creative treasure box that I will add to my permanent collection.
After lying around all weekend, I'm ready to get back in the studio. I'm feeling the need to paint and create something new and exciting. Stay tuned! Have a blessed rest of the weekend.

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